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Categorie Peleţi - Brichete - Cărbune
Tip Peleti
Originea Ucraina


Volumul 22+ Tonă pe lună
Tipul speciei Rășinoase europene
Specii Pin rosu, Molid
Diametrul 6 mm
Conținut de cenușă 0.3-0.4 %
Descriere Dear сustomer!
We would like to offer you high-quality product – wood pellets, which is manufactured at the enterprises of our company.
The product is produced exclusively according to high European standards using the selected material, which we specially prepared from waste wood (pine and spruce).
The technology of our production based on the our customers’ needs and have two production lines. The first line is difficult, but as a result, we receive product with the minimum content of harmful substances (sand, bark, etc.). So it gives us the opportunity to get environmentally friendly fuel of European level, which in Germany is defined as the standard "Din" and has ash content less than 0.45 %. Such product will not harm your boiler and will ensure minimum emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere! The second line produces wood pellets of the lowest level and has an ash content of up to 0.7 %, for less demanding boilers!
The diameter of the product is 6 mm. It can be packed in 15-kg paсket or 1000-kg Big Bag, depending on the needs of the customer.
The product is in constant availability in store.

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